Teacher degree

Sports high school and university coach

University of Helsinki; Legal studies

Master of Technology; Master’s Degree in Management 2011.

Power sports coach A-degree

Sports achievements: Finnish Championship medal in three different sports

Licensed player agent

Phone: +358 500 599 338
E-mail: jarmo.kork(at)pssfi.com


His career as a player agent began as the CEO of Tekstplan Oy and today the sports agency is managed by Professional Sport Service FI Oy, whose main owner is the holding company Tekstplan Oy. Today, Jarmo leads both of these companies.

Jarmo has been involved in sports all his life. As a young man, he played hockey and football, and he also practiced individual sports (such as wrestling and judo). Of these hobbies, three Finnish Champion Ship medals were achieved.

After active sports, his career continued as an individual coach at a sports high school and college.

He coached e.g. Marko Asell, whose best achievement is the Atlanta Olympic silver medal.

Jarmo has completed the A-level coach training of the Olympic Committee and the Finnish Wrestling Federation.

In 1989, co-operation began with Tappara ice hockey team together Champion coach Rauno Korpi.

Jarmo’s work was power coaching and stretching.

Rauno has been very influential in Jarmo’s puck thoughts.

The idea of hockey agent activity also became with Rauno at that time.

Rauno had noticed as a league coach that it was difficult for young talents to take a place on the league team directly from the A-juniors.

Rauno thought, there should be a helper who would make it easier for the young person to find a suitable route to develop into a league player.

Everything started with this vision

Jarmo’s player-agency career, which has led him to watch thousands of matches around the world.

He has toured in games e.g. in the following countries: North America, Russia, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Denmark, Sweden and Finland too.

In his career as a player agent, Jarmo has represented numerous top players, e.g. These are Pekka Rinne, Anssi Salmela, Esa Pirnes, Mikko Lehtonen, Jani Tuppurainen and Kristian Kuusela, as well as dozens of others professional athletes, whose careers he has taken forward.

As a teacher, Jarmo has always emphasized the importance of basic education to his young clients.

*However, a career as a hockey player is a short time in human life. You must have the ability to lead a normal life after a hockey career.* this is his motto for young players.

Jarmo has tried to educate himself continuously, as evidenced by the following studies:

Educational studies 1988-89 University of Tampere;

Legal studies 1993-94 University of Helsinki;

Bachelor of Engineering 2001-02 TAMK and

Degree Program in Technology Management 2010-11 TAMK.

Jarmo was founding the Sports Agents Association in 1998, which negotiated with the Finnish SM-League, the Finnish Hockey Association and the Finnish Players’ Association the current registration system for hockey agents.

He was one of the first player agents to receive the status of SJRY’s official licensed agent in Finland.

Jarmo has tried to be involved in fundraising for charity.

Grants have been received by e.g. Sponsors of Children’s Clinics and Cancer Organizations.

As well as the last destination is an 8-year-old boy with a serious illness. Jarmo supports their trip abroad